31 Mar Plotting my Life’s Course

by Jill Tietjen   At age 39, when my first husband told me he was moving out, I realized that I had choices and decisions to make in my life. Although as an American woman and an electrical engineer, I had resources, many rights and…


03 Mar Kili Divas Reach the Summit!

by Asimwe Suedi, Kisa Mentor, AfricAid Moshi Office   A team of 14 climbers from AfricAid (three Kisa Mentors, two Kisa Alumni and nine Kisa friends from Colorado) who named themselves ‘’KILI DIVAS’’ began their seven day hike on January, 18 2016 on Mt. Kilimanjaro….


30 Dec Tanzania Office Welcomes US Board Member Sandra

By: Ngaire McCubben, Communications, External Relations and Fundraising Officer, Tanzania Photo: Sandy (far left) with Kisa Mentor Hadija, Kisa Sponsor and former AfricAid Board Member Betsy, and Kisa Scholar Hosiana AfricAid’s office in Arusha recently welcomed US Board Member Sandra Troyano (Sandy), who visited Tanzania…


14 Nov Betsy and Hosiana

By: Ngaire McCubben, Communications, External Relations and Fundraising Officer, Tanzania Photo: Betsy and her Kisa Scholar, Hosiana Betsy Hoke first learned of AfricAid in 2003 when her daughter got involved in an AfricAid fundraiser at her high school, soon after Ashley Shuyler, a student at…


15 Oct A Step Towards Leadership

The End of Year One Presentations is an AfricAid Kisa Project event normally conducted after the completion of Kisa year one curriculum. This event is an output of the Community Assessments the Kisa Scholars do during the holiday in their communities. The main aim is…


15 Aug New Kisa Mentors Commence in Kilimanjaro

Field Story by: Devotha Mlay, Kisa Project Manager Kilimanjaro Region The loneliness I experienced last year as the only Kisa Mentor working in Kilimanjaro Region is history now.  This July, as the Kisa Project expanded to four more schools in the Region, the number of staff increased…


15 Jul Doris and Her Kisa Mentor

Doris (Kisa Scholar) and Esther (Kisa Mentor) Just like so many Tanzanian girls, Doris (17) a Kisa Year Two Scholar at Edmund Rice Sinoni Secondary School, was a shy and confused girl. She was not good at speaking her mind or taking part in making…


15 Jun Introducing Operations Manager Monica Swai

In March we introduced Kisa Project Managers, Esther Piniel and Devotha Mlay. This month, we’d like to introduce Operations Manager, Monica Swai. Monica is part of the glue that binds our Tanzania office together. This multi-talented woman gets involved in things as diverse as office…