Other Projects and Programs

In addition to the Kisa Project, AfricAid supports a number of smaller programs that provide powerful educational opportunities for students in Tanzania. Please read below for more information!

Losinoni Primary School

Losinoni is a rural Maasai village that AfricAid has partnered with since 2004. Over time, AfricAid has provided funding for the construction of several classrooms and a much-needed school latrine facility. Most recently, AfricAid helped fund the installation of a solar power project, giving students and teachers electricity at the school for the very first time.


AfricAid also funds and oversees the innovative lunch program at the school. Many of Losinoni’s 557 students walk several miles to and from school each day, while subsisting on only one meal of “ugali,” or corn porridge, in the evening. As a result, it can be difficult for the students to focus on their studies, and many decide to skip school. Since the introduction of the school lunch program at Losinoni, school attendance has increased dramatically, student concentration levels have increased, and there is more active classroom participation. In 2004, when AfricAid commenced working with Losinoni, only 23% of Losinoni students passed the final primary exam; in 2014 this number was 87%.


AfricAid has also partnered with the mothers of the school’s children to create income-generating opportunities. These “Maasai Mamas” craft beautifully beaded key chains and bracelets, which AfricAid then purchases and sells in the U.S. to generate funds for the school, creating vital opportunities for both the students and their mothers alike!
You can support Losinoni Primary School by donating or buying some of the beautiful products made by the Maasai Mamas. Visit our donate page and indicate “Losinoni” on the donation form, or purchase jewelry here.

Upendo Primary School


Upendo Pre-Primary and Primary School in Usa River, Tanzania has been a 10-year partner of AfricAid. Our donors have supported building projects and sponsored children to attend the private school. Founded by Joseph Kitia, the inspiring Chairman (Mayor) of Usa River and a visionary leader in the field of education, the school serves orphans and children living in poverty, as well as children whose parents can pay the tuition fees. Being an English immersion school, Upendo helped every one of last year’s graduating students to do well enough on the national exams to be accepted to private secondary schools. The top three girls received full six-year scholarships for high school from another foundation.


Upendo is the first school in Tanzania to benefit from Worldreader E-Reader program. Upendo also benefits from a hands-on Montessori program for their pre-primary students, which was established by a former AfricAid board member, Betsy Hoke.
You can support an Upendo student through a $500 scholarship today! Simply indicate “Upendo Scholarship” on the donation form.